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Eric Joris

Eric Joris (born 1955, Antwerp, Belgium) is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist and stage director. In 1991 he founded CREW.

He is a multimedia artist with an initial education in filmmaking, covering many areas such as industrial design, graphic design, comics, visual arts, installation art and last but not least performance art. Under his direction CREW adamantly tries to make performances at the melting point between live art and digital media. Eric Joris has studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp) (BE) and the Brussels RITS Institute for Media and Film, languages, art history and economy at Sorbonne, (Paris), Cambridge University (United Kingdom), Heidelberg (Collegium Palatinum) and Tokyo (ETP fundings by European Government).

Eric Joris develops intriguing methods for connecting state-of-the-art technology with artistic forms, often exploring and questioning the human senses, particularly our perception of sound, movement and space particularly. His company CREW generates live-art projects that can be described as immersive theatre, yet those projects move and shapeshift continuously, always operating on the borders between art and science, or beyond the limit of either.